Why Choose Synapse?



Our providers have years of experience in their field. Synapse allows your healthcare facility access to our pool of seasoned providers, regardless of geographic location. Our board certified providers will improve the access to and quality of care in your facility.

Cost Effective

Telemedicine is very cost effective. Using digital communication technology, it is possible to connect patients to specialists over vast distances in real time.  Our systems allow efficient delivery of care when and where it is needed. 



We recognize that in healthcare, rarely does one tool work for every problem. Our team can customize a solution to meet your hospital or healthcare facility's needs. To learn how Synapse can aid your group, contact us today.

Excellent Patient CAre

We are partnered with Insight Physicians: a leading psychiatric service provider in Virginia. Insight Physicians is a group of skilled, caring group of specialists that have over 30 years of experience in the mental health field. All of our partners and providers are hand selected for their knowledge, experience, and compassion.

We are proud to have such dedicated professionals working with us. We are available to help you 24/7. We can do anything from fully manage your facility to fill in for missing staff members. Contact us today and let us help you provide the care that your patients need. 

Their professionalism and positive attitude make everything run smoothly.
— Eli S. (RN)