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Inpatient Psychiatric Care

There is a nationwide shortage of psychiatrists. Many inpatient units struggle to find and retain providers. Synapse will connect your hospital with Insight Physicians, one of the most skilled and experienced teams of inpatient psychiatrists in the country. We can provide short term locums-style coverage or help you grow your unit by providing additional psychiatrists to your team. We have providers who specialize in adult, child & adolescent, geriatric, forensic, and addiction psychiatry.


Inpatient Consultation

Handling medically ill patients with psychiatric conditions can be challenging and draining to hospital staff. Many hospitals do not have easy access to psychiatric consultants. Synapse can help meet this need.

The consultant gathers information and performs an assessment via telemedicine. They will then pass on their recommendations to the staff at your facility, document the encounter in the medical record, and be available to answer questions. 

Our board certified psychiatrists have years of experience doing consult liaison work. They are knowledgeable, compassionate, and caring. Synapse will supply your hospital with the type of psychiatrists that you want - and need - in your facility.


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Psychiatric unit / hospital management

Is your inpatient psychiatric unit struggling to maintain economic viability? Synapse can help. We will connect your facility with a team of physicians that specializes in improving inpatient unit functioning and efficiency: Insight Physicians.

Insight has been operating inpatient psychiatric units in central Virginia and elsewhere for over 30 years. They currently manage hundreds of beds across several hospitals. They have the experience, leadership skills, and expertise in unit management to improve your inpatient psychiatric facility. 

We are lucky to have Insight doctors at our hospital. They’re excellent with patients and great with staff too!
— Rebecca, RN