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We always strive to do what is  right for you and your healthcare facility. Most importantly, we will do what is right for the patient, because they are the ones that matter most.We will handle delicate situations with compassion and care. This is our formula for great customer satisfaction. 


The technological world is constantly evolving. We evolve with it. We use our knowledge of the latest technology to constantly improve our services. We firmly believe our technology, providers, and model of practice will drastically improve the way health care is delivered.


Our goal is to improve the efficiency of healthcare delivery and increase access to care. The Synapse team uses technology to pull together resources from around the country and deliver them when and where they are needed, in a cost effective manner. 


We care about our patients, customers, and staff. We are a small, physician led company, not a faceless corporation. We are a team of providers with decades of experience in the medical field. You and your patients will always receive the highest standard of compassionate care.

Tell me what you pay attention to and I will tell you who you are.
— José Ortega y Gasset